Video: George Goes Hard For Hard


We are going hard for Hard AND SO SHOULD YOU!

Show us your go-to dance move and you could win two tickets to Hard Summer in L.A., flights and three nights accommodation thanks to Student Flights!


George Staff in order of appearance...

Aroha doing "The Burglar"

Gracie doing "The Wiggle"

Ben H doing "The Jacket"

Kara doing the "Awkwardly-standing-in-the-backyard-why-have-you-asked-me-to-do-this?" dance.

Dan doing the "Cobweb-On-My-Face" 

Olly the Intern doing the "Bro Fist Pump" in a Daft Punk helmet because he didn't want to appear on we have trolled him by putting him in as often as possible.

Gavin doing the "Destroying Natasha's Desk"

Dan again with "The Walkaway Jackson"

Gracie with a "Gracie Grapevine"

Ben F doing the "I-Don't-Sober-Dance"

Gracie & Sally doing the "Ride The Pony" & "The Jersey Turnpike"

Sarah doing the "Star Dance"

Clarke with the "This is how every girl dances"

Sally "Shadow Dancing"