This miraculous app prevents drunk dialling and recovers Snapchats


The app we all need in our lives.

Looking at your phone after a massive night out OTP can be one of the most soul-destroying feelings ever. Did you drunk text your crush? Call your ex and beg to get back together? We've all been there but hopefully this new(ish) app can save a generation.

It is called Drunk Mode and it's about to become your favorite app.

It all began when a student from the University of Virgina received a late night call from a girl who he said "probably wouldn't have said those same things if she was sober". This sparked an idea and he quickly recruited a team of coders and launched the app $560 later.

The app is free and has racked up nearly 100,000 downloads.

Features include

Stop Drunk Dialing: A feature that hides selected contacts from your phone so you can't call them for up to 12 hours.

Find my drunk: This feature helps you find that pesky drunk friend who has gone walkabout so you can keep them safe.

Breadcrumbs: Using GPS this feature keeps a recorded of where you have gone during the course of the night, super handy for piecing together forgotten parts of the night.

Snapchat recover: Maybe the most legendary feature, it allows you to recover all the Snapchats you sent the night before. (Only available
for Android users, but expected for iOS soon)

If that's not enough the developers are working on adding more features, such as one that will help you find the best deals at bars in your area and another one that hooks you up with a ride home from services such as Uber.

Check it out in the App Store/Google Play & watch the video above.