Guy flies first class around the world by only paying a $300 plane ticket

Vids 29/10/2015

Travelling in first class sounds like a dream, but travelling in first class for only $300? Sounds impossible.

However one dude by the name of Sam Huang says he's achieved the impossible, travelling first class on an 11-city, 7-country, 5-continent trip on Emirates Airlines for only $300. A trip in that sort of luxury typically costs $60,000.

So how the hell does he pull it off?

According to his website, he found a loophole to book a flight from New York to Melbourne, with extended layovers in Milan, Dubai, Sydney, Auckland and Singapore. And a trip of that sort of length can clock up some serious airpoints which he reused into his trip. Too simple really, though he wasn't sure if he could get away with it at first.

"To be honest, I wasn’t sure if Emirates would allow me to fly my crazy trip, but to their credit everything turned out okay. I was more than happy to take the regular routing if Emirates insisted," he wrote on his website.

"Unlimited Don Perignon, wild caviar, and a shower spa while flying 40,000 feet in the air — it’s no wonder the Emirates First Class Suite is consistently named one of the best airline seats in the world."

Check out his full first-class trip in the video above.