Convincing video leak points to new Daft Punk album & 2017 tour.


Three hours ago, a video was uploaded to YouTuber Artifact.‘s account which by all accounts seems to be a very legit copy of a Daft Punk album and tour teaser. Artifact writes in the description, “This was sent in to me by an anonymous user who claimed to have worked at Columbia Records, I assume he must have connections because this looks very legitimate to me.” 

It looks legitimate to us, too. There’s no doubt that this could be a forgery, however the level of production on the video led us to believe it was real. If so, Daft Punk’s new album in 2017 would be titled More Than Machine.

UPDATE: So it turns out this may not be as legit as it seems. The dead giveaway that this video is most likely not real is that the music being used isn’t Daft Punk’s. It’s a song called “Feel Electric” by Maximum Love. For a moment there, we were honestly hooked. But it always does good to double check.