Kids TV show takes a dig at Max Key's DJing and the Prime Minister

On Wednesday afternoon a TVNZ show aimed at kids called 'Adam and Eve' did a piece in which the hosts learned how to DJ.
After one of the hosts (dressed in a LMFAO rip off get up) finished his set, the second host came out to compete dressed as Max Key, wearing fake foam abs and made it rain $20 notes all over the cameras and audience. In tow was an actor dressed as the Prime Minister John Key who danced along side the set. The host proceeded to "make it rain" money as the DJ set commenced.
When the judges came out to announce a winner, the actor dressed as John Key proceeded to "bribe" the judge with more of the money that had rained down on the crowd.
Was it all in good fun, or bad taste? You can make your own decision by watching the video of the segment above.