Pokémon Go player drives straight into the back of a police car


In the first of what could be many occurrences around the world, a Pokemon Go player, unable to stop playing whilst driving, has slammed into the back of a police car.

The incident, caught on a police officer's body-camera in the US city of Baltimore, shows a Toyota RAV4 careering into the left-end of a squad car before continuing on.

The officer runs after the vehicle as it comes to a halt, before the driver emerges still engaged with his Pokemon Go game.

"That's what I get for playing this dumb game" the driver declares.

A Baltimore Police spokesman said no one was injured in the crash, and that they're treating it in the same manner as a text-driving incident.

The spokesman said they'd also been a spate of cell-phone thefts in the city, as thieves pounced on distracted users playing Pokemon Go.

"Way too many people have their heads buried in their phones trying to catch a Pokemon, and the criminals are catching them," the spokesman said.

h/t Newshub.