WATCH: This is what you can expect from Flume's NZ Tour

I went to Flume expecting it to be good, but not great - however I was pleasantly surprised.
The last time I saw Flume was on a muddy field in Christchurch, celebrating Canterbury University's re-orientation, in a mosh pit of sweaty bodies - sounds horrific, but it was the opposite.
So three years on I didn't think Flume's show at Horncastle Arena in Christchurch could be any better. But I was wrong.
Flume, a.k.a 24-year-old Australian Harley Streten, gave a more slick and polished performance.
He's kicked off his world tour which began in Dunedin on Tuesday night to a crowd of 6500, and continued in Christchurch last night and Auckland this Friday at Vector Arena.
It comes off the back of his new album Skin, released in May this year and debuting at number eight on the US Billboard charts. It includes radio hits 'Never be like you' and 'Say it', featuring US singer Tove Lo. 
He opened with 'Helix' and called the Cantabs "pretty crazy" - perhaps better than Dunedin's crowd he said.
Personally, I think his music is better suited to dark warehouses or fields, but his setup right at the front with glass cubes dangling above and graphics reminiscent of his album cover art swirling in the background made it feel more intimate. A rendition of 'Happy Birthday' to Flume's tour manager also helped get the crowd involved.
I often wonder how 'live' shows like this are, but I'm told by a music producing friend it's as live a set as it can be with one person. Specific parts were taken out of songs so he could belt them live on a drum pad and lighting hooked up to a midi-controller meant each twist of a knob dimmed lights or sent dazzling rays over the 6000-strong crowd, complementing the pace of each song.
His set was a solid hour-and-a-half and the crowd didn't stand still once. Remixed classics like Hermitude's 'HyperParadise' and Disclosure's 'You and Me', as well as tunes from his debut album such as 'Holdin on' got everyone hyped up. 'Take a chance' off Skin was also well received. 
I definitely missed the memo of concert attire, with every second girl in a choker and crop top. But it's Flume - and if his music is anything to go by then the old t-shirt and shorts were just perfect for hours of dancing.
The show was rounded out with an encore featuring 'Drop the Game' and a wave of his hand.
Flume heads home and then to the US to continue his 70 show tour. If you can, go. He's a must-see.