Electronic duo 'Stack & Piece' try to get their song in 'The Rock 1000'

Simply put, NZ duo Stack & Piece have smashed it in the last couple of months with the release of their single 'Burning Out' featuring Helen Corry.
We love them and have even given them a residency slot on George FM nights, but they don't want to stop there, these guys want to break down walls and barriers!
The Rock 1000 (+500 extra songs this year) is going down very soon, and the guys, not to be deterred by genres or stereotype, have chucked their tune in the ring and need your votes.
They even went to the front steps of The Rock radio station itself to convince the bosses that this is most definitely a good idea.
If you are a dedicated George FM listener and want to see this Aotearoa electronic anthem make it into The Rock 1000 then vote now!
Use the option 'enter your own tune' on the right 
It takes no time at all, and to be fair you'll be making history!