Flume announces release of EP with unreleased music from 'Skin'

It's safe to say that with the release of Flume's second album 'Skin' he has become one of the biggest electronic producers in the world right now.
Flume remains humble as ever, thankful to the fans and collaborators which helped him reach his current spot. A move sparked by this gratitude, he has announced new music on the way... sooner than you would expect.
“I wanted to share some more music that was written around the same time [as Skin],” wrote Flume. This November will see the release of the first Skin Companion EP. The EP will drop exclusively on vinyl according to the announcement, and will be sold at a variety of famed indie record shops across the globe. 
Interestingly the announcement came with the keyword "first" implying this might not be a stand-alone EP, with more on the way in the future.
Check out the preview above.