We're not sure we are feeling the 'Live' side of The Chainsmokers at the VMAs

Underwhelming, not in key, boring... all feedback from The Chainsmokers live performance yesterday at the VMAs.
They performed their latest 'hit' with featuring artist Halsey. It's your typical affair until things start getting a bit raunchy between the two vocalists, which was far from borderline uncomfortable. We get that the song is called 'Closer' but I mean come on...
As a DJ before vocalist, I can forgive Andrew Taggart for his far from perfect vocals in the performance (and props also for not lip syncing or even using a prominent backing vocal).
With Halsey's vocal, you'd kind of expect something a little bit more above the line.
All in all, if they came to New Zealand is this a show that you'd be interested in seeing? or should they just stick to the whole DJ set that seems to have been working for them already?