You and your mates can now play Laser Tag with your iPhone anywhere!

Vids 19/08/2016
32 years ago, a man named George Carter III developed the technology for what is now known as the awesomeness that is Laser Tag.
Now he wants to bring it to a new generation using today's technology, most the notably 
The now 71-year-old entrepreneur has developed the app TZUUM that allows players the immerse themselves in a virtual shoot-em-up anytime, anywhere using iPhones and earbuds as the gun, map, scoring system and communication tool. 
"You don't need to go to a paintball or laser tag centre," says Carter, founder of Tactical Entertainment. "You can quickly gather a group of friends through social media and play. We're also going to find ways for meet-ups to happen."
There's an add-on pistol-grip case your iPhone fits in. It doesn't add any software features, he says, just makes the phone easier to aim. 
Players hear more than 30 types of battlefield sounds through 3D audio effects. 
Each player's location is updated in real time using GPS and geo-pairing capabilities, Carter says. "Geo-pairing means I know where you are and you know where I am, therefore we can shoot at each other." 
The plan is to make this Laser Tag 2.0 more widespread and lucrative than the original, akin to how recently Pokémon GO has re-invented the Pokémon universe for a new generation.