17-year-old kiwi Nakita releases video for second single "Second Chances"

Music 16/09/2016

From the frozen South Island of New Zealand, 17-year old Nakita heated things up earlier this year with the release of debut track Where Are You?

Garnering love from the online world before it could be heard on the New Zealand radio waves, Where Are You? was the perfect calling card for the fresh young talent, setting the platform for her follow-up single Second Chances.

Second Chances sees Nakita riffing on fares of youth and the patching up of old friendships ("I’m stuck here at the starting line/Spinning out on what to say to you"). The song's catchy lyrics and melody are underpinned by Leroy Clampitt’s left-leaning pop production; rolling synth lines and neo-tropical beats. 

The palm-studded roadways and colourful colonial towns of the pacific island of Rarotonga serve as a backdrop for the Second Chances video. Navigating dirt tracks on a pushbike, Nakita plays the sand-swept tomboy card. 

Nakita's debut EP 'Foolish Ones' is slated for release later this year, produced by fellow New Zealander Leroy Clampitt, the wunderkind behind Justin Bieber's recent hit Company.