WATCH: Duke Dumont ditches set after fans spit and throw drinks at him

Some shameless disrespect during was shown at Duke Dumont's performance from Edmonton’s Union Hall last night where he was spat on and thrown drinks at by intoxicated attendees in the upper balcony. 
The actions were enough to make Dumont stop the music entirely and leave the stage. You can check it above around the 50-second mark.
Before leaving the stage he took the mic to express his frustration: “I don’t get paid enough to get spat on.” 
He continued by saying “If you’re brave enough, come the f*ck down to the stage. If you’re mad enough to spit, you’re mad enough to come right up here. 
The disrespect shown here has no place in the dance music world, even more so for such an accomplished producer and DJ.
Congratulations for not only ruining Duke Dumont's night, and also everyone else's who were there to see a stellar set.