Chance The Rapper may have just created the perfect advert for KitKat

So you are quickly becoming one of the biggest names in the game, you have just released one of the hottest mixtapes of the year, and you have solidified yourself as the epitome of "cool".
It's a no-brainer that companies are going to be jumping every hurdle to be the first to get you to endorse their product. For Chance The Rapper, that company was KitKat. 
This advert could have been awful. It could have been one of those ads that arrived, and then before you knew it, disappeared into the ether and no one could've given a shit. That's because we have accepted the fact that endorsed product adverts exist, and there is pretty much nothing you can do about it.
Not for Chance The Rapper though. If he's gonna endorse a delicious wafer biscuity chocolate treat, he's bloody well gonna do it right! 
KitKat: "Hey Chance, what you wanna do with this?"
Chance: "I wanna be in a fluffy cute bear suit, listening to myself as a chocolate bar sing to me... and i'ma write the shit out of that jingle!"
I mean how f&%k do you say "no" to that?