Action Bronson eating hot wings is the best thing on the internet today

Action Bronson stepped into the First We Feast office and took the Hot Ones hot wing challenge like a champ yesterday.

About time the Fuck that's Delicious host got in on the hot wings and joined ranks with the likes of Eric Andre, Martin Garrix and Tommy Chong from Cheech and Chong.

Bronson smokes and drinks his way through the ordeal and talks about his weed paraphernalia collection, on stage body-slams and TV chefs along the way. 

If you haven’t seen an episode before, Sean Evans interviews his guests over 10 ridiculously spicy wings that are covered in hot sauces which get hotter and hotter with every bite.

If they get through the 10 wings they get to plug the shit out of whatever they’re working on at the time, if they don’t, they lose their dignity and the internet gets to laugh at them forever.

The sauces have names like 100% Pain, Mad Dog 357 and Mega Death Sauce.

Not everyone handles their shit as well as Bronson… DJ Khaled got through three and then bitched out. And comedian Bobby Lee literally shat himself.

The shaaaame.