Aroha's tour of the Volume Exhibition

Aroha gave us a tour around the Volume Exhibition and told us a little bit about her highlights, before jetting off to Blue Sky.

The word "highlights" she actually really struggled with, simply because there's so much dope stuff to look at.

Not to mention Aroha is personally invested in Volume, being the youngest member to be part of the curation team.

Making George proud Aroha!

If you haven't heard about it already, the Volume: Making Music in Aotearoa is a landmark exhibition on Kiwi music, spanning across seven decades. 

The exhibition is on now, through until May 22nd next year and get this, it's free!  

- Seven decades
- 200 objects in the exhibition
- 60 lenders
- 450 images

Apologies for the subpar audio, we had some technical difficulties but think the exhibition is too cool not to share with you!

Tune credit: JAY BULLETPROOF - #09 M.I.A (Made In Atlanta) Feat. MAYHEM