Auckland hip-hop duo Badcrop drop a music video about our flaky online attention spans

Badcrop, a Kiwi Hip-hop duo emerging from the K-road based creative collective The Grow Room, have dropped a sick new video for their track ‘Human Being’.

The pair teamed up with the YGB visionary StJohn Milgrew who came up with the four screen concept.

 “(It’s about) ADHD." Ryan, one-half of the duo explained to Noisey, 

"Stjohn talked about how our day and age revolves around short attention spans when scrolling through Facebook and things. It's good, realistically you could watch the clip four times before you see everything."

Their description of what Badcrop is on YouTube is pretty damn hilarious too, so we thought we'd include it: 

"Badcrop is the dying pot plant next to the tv in your living room. Badcrop is the nasty fungus forming on the tinea infested toes of Auckland City. Badcrop is the sticky tree your dad used to grow in the attic. Badcrop is the burning seed in the metaphoric joint of life. Badcrop is nature & nurture. Badcrop isn’t a team. Badcrop isn’t a squad. Badcrop is a symbol. Badcrop is two people stuck in a k-hole. Badcrop is two words made whole. Bad like hot boxing your mums car on a school night. Crop like an over-packed kindergarden. I don’t know where I’m going with this. "What the fuck is Badcrop anyway?""

'Human Being' is from last year’s album Germination. Pick up your copy at Bandcamp. Name your price.

And catch Badcrop at Portland Public House next Thursday. They’ll be closing the mixtape pre-release party for fellow Grow Room member Bobandii.