Eggs Benny take on a 4.5kg meal challenge at Tucks and Bao

Benny Boy 12/11/2016

WARNING: This video contains lots of vom and regret... 

Tune courtesy of Jay Bulletproof - Hear Me Out

New restaurant, Tucks and Bao, opened just last week in Newmarket by New Zealand's competitive eating champ Nela Visser and her fiancé Benedict Hefford.

The places aesthetic is amazing and the food is even better - channeling an Asian fusion theme throughout. 

Nela has teamed up with ex-competitve eater Devo Dvious, who is the Food and Beverage Director of the joint. 

You can see them both in the video above; Nela's the cute blonde, and Devo's the dude who looks way too pleased with how our whole visit panned out. 

From completing the Mad Mex 1kg burrito challenge in under two minutes, to 22 Big Macs within an hour. They've both made careers out of eating maddog meals.

With their competitive eating reputations combined, Nela and Devo had to have a challenge in Tucks and Bao that was more epic than ever been seen before. 

Introducing the Chairman Bao challenge.

A 4.5kg meal, made up of a burger with two flank steak mince house-made patties, six slices of cheese, 12 rashers of bacon, two burger salads, six Chinese pork sausages, served with 1/2 a kilo of chips and three baby bao (pork, chicken and shrimp). Washed down with a 1.1 litre freakshake garnished with 7 bars of candy, cookies, marshmallows and chocolate saaaauce. 
Nela is the one and only person who has managed to complete it, in the time of 23 mins and 9 seconds. 

We thought it'd be fun sending Eggs Benny down to give it a go... And Benny Boy smashed it.

Nela even said he was making better time than fellow competitive eater, the King of Cheat Meals.
That is until Benny Boy had what Tucks and Bao likes to call "a reversal of fortune." 
If you think you can do better than Eggs Benny, head down to Tucks and Bao and if you beat Nela's time, the foods on the house. 

We probably won't be rushing to go chow down anymore mammoth burgers, but we will definitely be back.

Their cocktail menu looks kick-ass. 

Tucks and Bao
19 Davis Cres, Newmarket, Auckland 1023
Open 11-11, 7 days a week