Flume rides waves with Kelly Slater and drops new tune


Yep. No denying it. 2016’s been a shit storm.

While the country reels from another Earthquake this morning, mourns the death of another musical icon and prepares for the Trumpocalypse, at least we can take small comfort in the fact that while 2016 has been one shit yarn after the other for most of the world, Flume has actually had a real good’un!

Harley Streten, or as he’s better known; Flume, has just become the first non-professional surfer to be shown riding the waves in world surf champ Kelly Slater’s monstrous wave pool in central California.

Flume has put the experience up on his YouTube series 'Flume Adventures' and has backed the video with a new track called Quirk, from his upcoming EP Skin Companion.

Which by the way, is due to be released NEXT Friday, November 25th. 

The track is rad. Ultimate pool-side chill vibes, with classic Flume glitches and ethereal vocals.

Flume's surfing skills aren’t shabby either. 

Although considering the man’s from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, it’s probably not that surprising he’s smooth on a surfboard. 

He brings along Australia’s surf champ Steph Gilmore, and with the rest of his posse, Flume makes this place look fun af. 

Not that that would have been difficult.

I mean what the shit, he’s at Kelly Slater’s elusive surf ranch. KELLY FUCKING SLATER. 

2016 has also marked the release of Flume’s second album Skin. Which hit no.1 in New Zealand and Australia. No.1 on the US Billboard Dance/Electronic album charts and no.8 on the Billboard 200. Woah!

He’s toured the US.

Worked alongside the likes of Aluna George, Vic Mensa, Tiny Dragon, Tove Lo and DJ Snake this year.

Headlined Splendour in the Grass. 

Taken home the ARIA Producer of the Year Award.

Just last week he celebrated the fourth anniversary of his self-titled debut which has become one of the most important electronic albums of all time.

And now he’s j chillin and having a surf with Kelly Slater.

Killing it Flume.

Keep doing you man. 

Don’t forget guys; NOVEMBER 25TH, SKIN COMPANION.

Although we should mention, the Skin Companion vinyl is already completely sold out. I'd order yours now, or you could be waiting a long time.