Makers of horror game Outlast 2 release adult nappy in case you shit yourself while playing

“You shat, we listened,” is the new motto for Outlast 2 developer Red Barrels.

Yes you heard that right.

The studio has created a companion diaper to go with the upcoming release of the horror game Outlast 2.

They’re calling them ‘Underscares’.

See what they’ve done there. We do love a good pun. Good job Red Barrels.

The studio went on to say:

“After the release of Outlast 1, we received numerous reports of soiled undergarments and unprepared anuses.

So we, the team at Red Barrels, decided to come up with a solution that will let every gamer play Outlast 2 without worrying about their skivvies.

Fight-or-flight response is a physiological reaction that occurs as a result of a perceived harmful event or attack… or video game. The science is simple, if you’re scared enough… you’ll poop.”

They also promise the Underscares are of high quality and machine washable. Well, isn't that comforting. 

Check out the trailer for the game below.