New dating app brings FMK to life

Flicking left or right on people already seemed pretty rough. Someone’s just taken the dating app brutality even further.

You’ve probably played Fuck Marry Kill with your mates before, usually picking between three celebrities or three people you know.

The premise being that you decide which person you’d use for some shameless dirty one-time sex, which one you think you could do the long-term thing with and which one you’d completely cast aside (aka kill).

As cruel as that sounds… This has always been a light-hearted game. The people you’re talking about have no idea, it’s generally just harmless banter.

Only now it’s been bought to life in an app.

Creator, Rui Gouveia says dating apps simply aren’t fun enough.

We’re not sure how fun it will be actually being told you’d be “killed” multiple times by strangers…

So. Essentially, you’re presented with three eligible dates at every swipe, one you'll have to viciously reject (and yes they’re notified). You also could end up having to match someone for sex that’s just the best of a not-so-great bunch.

This sounds like all kinds of messed up if you ask us.

But since its launch last month FMK has had 6,500 downloads and 90% of those are using the app every single day.

Would you be down for some FMK?

You can check it out here.