Prince Harry’s girlfriend is on PornHub

Holy Shit. Prince Harry’s girlfriend is on PornHub. Eggs Benny discussed the scandal on Breakfast this morning.

Admittedly she’s not actually a pornstar – slightly less scandalous – there are just a few of the steamy sex scenes from Suits that are uploaded on to the site, where her character Rachel Zane gets hot and sweaty with co-star Patrick J. Adams’ character Mike Ross.

Yep Prince Harry is dating Suits babe Meghan Markle.

Damn Harry. You’ve done well.

We tried to download the video for you from PornHub but the boss said no, plus no surprises PornHub is blocked on George's computers…

So we’ve settled for this slap-happy-turned-sexy-time Suits scene we found on YouTube.

It gives you a fair idea of what you’ll find on PornHub.

Scandal number two, upon discussing Harry's GF, Benny Boy admitted to finding a mutual friend's girlfriend on an adult site… and finishing. 

"I flushed my shame down the toilet."

The other Ben says that's straight wrong. 

What would you do?