The Wonder Woman trailer looks badass AF

Yass Queen! 

About time Wonder Woman had her own badass feature-length revival.

She's not the sidekick, the boobs, the minority representation or the comic relief.

She's the protagonist, the heroine, the main event. 

Perfect timing, with the first female running for President and the election wrapping up this week.

We've had Hunger Games and the  Divergent series in recent years. But in superhero-saturated Hollywood, we haven't had a single female superhero feature film since Halle Berry's god awful Catwoman in 2004. 
What the actual shit.

With a 100-million dollar budget hopefully this movie kicks as much ass as the trailer.

The viral video of the lady who voted for Hillary and then sat in her car crying "I got to vote for a woman for president", is the perfect testament to how under-represented woman are in pop culture and politics.  

Just went with mom to the ballot box #girlpower #biggirlsdocry #feminist #feminism #imwithher #nastywoman #mom #hillaryclinton

A video posted by sarah_magnolia (@sarah_magnolia) on Oct 26, 2016 at 10:06am PDT

Looks like things are slowly but surely turning around. 

Just to hone down the point. Here's a hilarious (but sad) spoof trailer about the shitty roles women are constantly dumped with.