Dan Aux gets Chores to do some chores

Vids 13/12/2016

Thommy Simmons and Sam Saunders, visited the George office with the aim of promoting their new single 'Gravitate'.

They thought they were stepping into George for an interview with Dan Aux about their music.

We decided that was making things way too easy for them. 

Like they say, nothing good comes for free.

So we thought we’d put their name to good use and get them to do some chores before we let them do or say anything music related…   

How far would you go to get your new single on George?

Thommy and Sam wiped all the George surfaces, did our dishes, cleaned our toilet, emptied our ciggy butt bucket, retuned Dan’s coffee cup to Il Buco and did a general tidy… all the while Dan ate a bucket of Wicked Wings.

After a 30 minute struggle, during which Chores proved that they truly are god awful at chores and fuck knows why they called themselves that, we let them tell us a bit about what they’ve been up to and the story behind the new tune 'Gravitate'

What’s the story behind your new single 'Gravitate'?  

Sam: We made 'Gravitate' in 2015.

Thommy: It’s about the gravitational pull between two people who are attracted to one another. It’s a metaphor.

Sam: Beautiful.

Thommy: Singers from L.A., Erin Marshall, she’s a mate of ours.

Was there a particular sexy lady who you gravitated towards that inspired the tune?

Thommy: Yep…. Who? Who’s Effy?

Sam: Kaya Scodelario.

Effy From Skins?

Thommy: Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s about Effy from Skins. It’s about her.

Sam: Yeah, sure, that’s good. I don’t mind that.

How long have you been making music together?

Thommy: Three years?

How’d you meet?

Sam: About 10 years ago.

Thommy: Sam was drinking a litre bottle of 42 Below, straight, and then chasing it with a bottle of Powerade and then I’m like, this guy is… ridiculous… and so we got to chatting and seven years later we put out our first single ‘Telling Lies.’

Sam:  Yep. That's pretty much it.

Five year plan?

Thommy: Well, we’re signed to Sony, (since March '16) and we’ve got an E.P coming out midway through next year.

Sam: Our contract to Sony is like 15 years… so…

Thommy: *laughs*
We also just found out this morning we’ve got video funding for 'Gravitate' from NZ on Air. We got it last time, and it’s pretty hard to get two for two.

Sam:  It’s more for new artists, so if you get it twice you’re doing pretty well… What we really need is to just pay someone to film it. $20 an hour.

For the whole summer. List it on the George website.  Follow these two idiots around and make a video... Seriously, though.  
Thommy: And our next single should drop in February. But don’t hold us to that, cause that shit takes time.

You haven’t written it yet?

Thommy: No, no, we’ve written it.

Sam: Yeah, nah, we’ve written it, but you know... the Spotify gods.

Thommy: And the label gods.

While we wait for Chores to bring us more goods, check out their catchy single 'Gravitate' below.

You can catch Sam and Thommy on Chorecast from 3pm every Saturday on George FM plus don't miss all their Summer festival antics.

Check out their single 'Gravitate' below.