Feeling sad, single and alone this Christmas? Now you can use Tinder on the big screen with family

Vids 14/12/2016

Holiday season. That time when those of us who are single, are made to feel that much more alone, as all the lovers of the world plan holidays together, buy each other epic presents and talk about love and mistletoe and Christmas mince pies. 

Well now, Tinder and Apple TV have decided to team up and capitalise on the season to be jolly and self-conscious of your relationship status.

I mean let's be real here, swiping through randos is already by and large a fun, drunk, group-bonding activity in 2016.

Tinder and Apple have just made sharing singledom life on the big screen with big groups of people possible.

What a time to be alive.

And think. If mum has disapproved of all your relationship decisions thus far, and by and large been right every time, you could just hand the remote over to her after a couple Christmas morning mimosas and be done with it.