Fresh produce: check out Bobandii, the local producer with a sick mixtape about to drop

Vids 07/12/2016

Bobandii, AKA Silas McClintock, a 22-year-old up and coming producer from Warkworth, is about to drop his official mixtape; 'Of The Forest'.

The mixtape is self-titled. Silas means god of the trees and forests - which couldn’t suit the guy's flow more.

We love the mellow vibes from his tune Queen Bee. Listen to it above, the video was also directed, edited and animated by Silas. Man of many talents.

Silas has been on the grind, making beats for a few years now. Last year he went on tour around the country with Auckland rapper LVJ and he’s played support for Randa in the past. However, he hasn’t had an official release himself until now.

We're looking forward to hearing what’s coming on this mixtape.

If you haven't had the pleasure of watching him on stage before, we can tell you Bobandii commands a presence.

Catch him at Portland Public House tomorrow, with his friends Randa and Badcrop supporting.

In our anticipation for the gig, we had a quick chat with Bobandii.

Your music fuses a lot of different sounds and scenes, creating an eclectic soul vibe, who would you say are your biggest influences?

My biggest influences include Mr Carmack, mainly for his output of work and perseverance when trying something completely new. Dude pretty much made a subgenre.

Kendrick and J Cole for sure, some of the most recent artists who actually talk about something worth speaking on that have reached mainstream audiences. Taku for real! That guy is everywhere; photography, a barber store, instrumental music, vocals, collectives out his ears.. and he was born in NZ! 

We love the track Queen Bee, it's a pretty different sound for you, what’s the story behind the tune?

Queen Bee
was a spontaneous production. I had just spent the second day ever, with my current girlfriend, before we were going out, and I was crushing hard. Every single element of that project just happened within half an hour.

The video (on the other hand) took two weeks to animate. Eight hours a day sort of thing. When I wasn’t working I was animating. The footage of blossoms was something I had filmed a whole year before and for me, it was a visual metaphor for a new beginning in my life, which included someone else.

Tell us about 'Of The Forest'?

'Of the Forest' is a massive milestone for me. I feel like I’m really beginning to find my voice, this project is the foundation for me to build upon. It’s technically a mixtape but it feels like an album to me, there’s a full narrative throughout.

One of my favourite tracks is called La Nada, which is about tackling the tall poppy syndrome in New Zealand as an up-and-comer. There are some amazing people in Auckland City. Some very warm and accepting souls when it comes to creativity. But there are also those who despise seeing you achieve. It's my way of saying I'm here to keep them on their toes. Stay mad. 

Apart from the outro loop, every song on the mixtape is produced, written and performed by me. My younger sister, Pearl, hit the backup vocals on the track Gardens. She dominates it, she's only sixteen and has so much maturity in her voice. She's actually just earned herself a scholarship to study opera.

I also had Olivia Collier, who performs under Livcauliflower lay some vocals in the chorus of Aminor which was awesome. She was in Paris when she recorded her part. The joys of the internet.

The gig tomorrow is called a pre-release party, when can we expect to be able to get our hands on the mixtape?

The mixtape will be available on all platforms (Soundcloud, Spotify, etc) in early January. 

Check out all the details for the pre-release party here