Get It In Me: Boombox Cartel & Quix visit Ken's Yakitori

Vids 23/12/2016

'Get It In Me', the new webseries where Jay Bulletproof takes out our top George FM artists to talk about their beats, and eat like kings at their fave late night food joint.

In ep. 3 Jono (aka one of New Zealand's biggest bass music heroes right now, QUIX) and Americo, (one half of the Mexican trap lords, Boombox Cartel) join Jay at New Zealand's first Yakitori Bar, Ken's Yakitori.

They chow down on Japanese cuisine, and discuss how they worked with each other from other sides of the world, their day jobs, and fighting family expectations by pursuing a career in music... and then cracking it.  

Unfortunately, Jorge, the second half of Boombox Cartel was unable to make it for the New Zealand leg of his tour, but the boys did their best to celebrate Jorge regardless.  
Big shout outs to Taylor Mansfield for his dope footage from the QUIX & Boombox show which took place almost immediately after this interview.


'Aftershock' - NGHTMRE & Boombox Cartel
'Supernatural' - Boombox Cartel & QUIX 
'Uppers' (QUIX remix) - Mr. Carmack & Stooki Sound

Ken's Yakitori
55 Anzac Avenue, Auckland City

Opening Hours:
OPEN 7 days

Not sure what 25:00 means... let's just go with late.