The (mostly) new George FM in 2017!

Vids 20/12/2016

In 2017, George FM is all new….well not entirely all new...mostly new...actually, maybe only about 50% new stuff…but we are making a big effort!

From January 16 at 6am, join Kara Rickard and her new co-hosts Clint Roberts and Pax Assadi on the almost all new George FM breakfast show.

Clint brings 10 years experience in radio to George FM and Pax is one of New Zealand’s most exciting new comedic talents.

Clint says "This is the big one! Breakfast on one of Auckland, and now New Zealand's most iconic radio stations. Forgive me if I miss the start of the first few shows, 6am is not currently in my vocabulary. Clint Roberts - Seriously seeking a coffee sponsor."

Kara is returning to make sure everything stays under control. “After 6 years of working with the most unreliable radio host in history I'm looking forward to having co-hosts who will actually turn up every morning."

Pax says “Not only am I new to George FM but I’m new to radio as a whole. I’m really excited to be on George Breakfast in 2017, I just feel bad for Kara because she thinks I’m going to turn up every morning.”

After 5 years at George, Aroha Harawira is leaving the Grind. We wish her all the best and welcome General Lee to the team. The all new George workday kicks off at 10am with General Lee. As one of NZs most recognisable DJ names, we are rapt to have him come on board for 2017.

Lee says "2016 has been a great year for me. I've got my first official 9-5 job as days announcer on George FM. Thanks to Aroha for leaving me one of the most listened to shows on George and a lot of pressure when I start January 9th alongside a powerful new line up. See you in the 17."

Join us in the new year with the (mostly) new George FM line up for 2017:

George Breakfast with Clint, Pax and Kara
George Grind with General Lee
George Drive with Dan Aux
George Nights with Jay Bulletproof and residents.
Plus our stellar weekend lineup!