Two dudes use Tinder to travel the world for free

Vids 21/12/2016

YouTuber's Matt Dajer and Ammar Kandil recently took on a challenge to travel through Europe using only Tinder to pay for everything, we're talking food, accommodation, even a ‘local experience’ paid for by their Tinder prey.

We reckon this is pretty ballsy… journeying through Europe and approaching strangers to take you in… We’d be scared they’d low-key want to harvest your kidney or turn you into a sex slave. The Hostel and Taken films have clearly given us some emotional damage and travel anxiety.

But shit turned out sweet for our protagonists, Dajer and Kandil.

Matt Dajer and Ammar Kandil 

After swiping through 10,000 plus girls, the two lads managed to travel through Amsterdam, Paris and Barcelona and now they have some pretty cool, non-seedy things to say about Tinder now.

Dajer explained; “Some people were just straight up mean on the phone and thought we were bots because our request was so bizarre. But every person we ended up meeting, we had such an incredible time with. We’re actually really good friends with most of them now and still talk regularly.

Dajer and Kandil with one of their Euro Tinder victims

Tinder is actually a great tool for meeting people. If you use it the right way (i.e not just looking for hook ups) you can meet so many awesome people on there.
We wouldn’t change this experience for the world and because of it we’ve made so many great friends.”

Not sure if we would go so far as to call meeting people and not hooking up as "the right way" to approach Tinder, but what a yarn.

Not all heroes wear capes.