Vince Staples is back in the country and we're hyped AF

Concerts & Events 07/12/2016
New Zealand has a history of rappers cancelling concerts, but Californian rapper Vince Staples has managed to make it here twice in one year.

The 23-year-old has received massive acclaim for his bleak tales of the streets.

After a highlight set at Laneway, Vince Staples is back ten months later.

He played the first of two sets on Tuesday night at the Powerstation, with the second one at 8pm Wednesday.

It's been a non-stop couple of years for the Long Beach rapper.

"I haven't been home for eight years this whole year, like straight though. Eight days straight," he told Newshub.

Last year Staples released his critically acclaimed debut album Summertime 06.

He's followed it up this year with a new EP, Prima Donna.

Prima Donna has also been well received but he said he's unfazed by all the attention.

"It's all about perception. My music doesn't have to be serious. It's serious because you think it's serious. And the next person could think it's not serious.

"It should be able to do whatever it wants to be."

A keen basketball fan, Staples is happy New Zealand has a new global reference point.

"Honestly, I've never seen Lord of the Rings. But I have seen Steven Adams dunk on people, so it's a better look."

After his shows in New Zealand, he's looking forward to doing absolutely nothing for a while, before starting an American tour in February.