Aussie thief breaks into house full of kiwi tradies, gets his ass kicked

Vids 20/01/2017

A would-be thief got more than he bargained for after breaking into a Perth home where four burly Kiwi tradies live.

The friends woke to find the intruder rummaging inside their Scarborough home and fought back, holding the man down until police arrived.

"I just grabbed him and put him up against the wall and then he started throwing punches at me," resident Logan Burke said.

"I started throwing punches back... there's a bit of blood on the wall."

Logan said as the intruder tried to attack, his tradie housemates joined the fight.

"You wouldn't think someone would actually have the guts to go through your house and be right next to you while you're sleeping," Mr Burke said.

"We just kind of dragged him back and then we just sat him back down here again."

The 193cm-tall 19-year-old and his housemates gave the intruder water and washed his face.

"He said he was asthmatic. We made sure he was alright 'til the police turned up."

Video uploaded to Facebook by Mr Burke shows blood splattered through the house, as police investigate the scene.

"Tried to rob our house," he says. "Got his ass kicked."

None of the residents will face any assault charges because they used reasonable force to stop the intruder, say the police.

The alleged thief was taken to hospital for treatment to a split eyebrow and a cut lip. He remains in custody, charged with burglary and assault.

Source: Channel 7 / Newshub.