Baynk tells us his most savage R&V story

Vids 05/01/2017
Jock Nowell-Usticke, AKA Baynk, has had a mad dog year.

Leaving an engineering degree in its dust, the graduate had been jamming in his bedroom and producing some low-key magic... before he got the attention of Mark Kneebone and was asked to play Laneway at the start of last year.

Baynk's been making waves and dropping big tunes ever since. 
He promises there's plenty more to come and we at George can't wait to hear more from this guy. 

This was his R&V debut as an artist, but Jock's been hitting Rhythm for the last seven years (he missed one in the middle there and feels really sad about it). 

With that much R&V experience in his blood, we knew Baynk would have a good story or two to share, so we got straight to the point and asked for his most savage.