Pendulum are promising some big things in 2017

Vids 13/01/2017
Last year, Pendulum performed at Ultra Music Festival.. and the fans went WILD. 

"Sweet, sweet, sugartits. That was amazing." 

"Are we getting a reunion tour??"

"ARE WE!?"

At the end of December, drummer, KJ Sawka asked his fans what city they wanted to see them play at. At which point fan expectations for a tour shot through the roof.

They've booked themselves in to perform at a couple international festivals (Electric Forest & Nova Rock). Promising, promising...

But this new cryptic video (above) suggests we may be getting more than a couple of live shows. The band have posted this cryptic video with quick cuts between the band's logo and varying urban settings.

Along with this video, a new website called has appeared, encouraging fans to register their email in order to receive an instant update on when the big reveal arrives... "PENDULUM 2017... Register here to be the first in the know."

The band haven't released any music since their third album, Immersion, in 2011. 

A fourth album is within their contract, but in 2014 Rob Swire told a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) that the drum & bass ensemble hadn't started working on it, and that they were busy focusing on side projects - like Knife Party. 

Rob Swire also stated that he personally didn't want to make a new Pendulum album since he "lost heart for the project."

...maybe, just maybe, he's since had a change of heart.