Ramsay Bolton returns as Adolf Hitler

Vids 12/01/2017

Iwan Rheon; a Welsh musician and actor, who rose to fame first as Simon Bellamy in Misfits.

He really doesn’t seem like that bad a guy.. only these days he just can’t seem to shake the psychopath typecasting.

Rheon’s most famous for his portrayal of Ramsay Bolton on Game of Thrones. The guy who chopped off Theon Greyjoy’s wang and turned him into a gimp.. bar the mask, murdered his own father, raped Sansa and fed people to his dogs, including his mother-in-law and brother.

To be honest. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone more hated than Ramsay Bolton, bar, I don’t know… Hitler? 

Yep. Now Rheon’s returning to the silver screen as none other than Adolf Hitler.

Iwan Rheon will be playing the infamous dictator in the new TV series Urban Myths. Only his episode won’t be about Hitler’s Nazi days… instead we see Rheon portraying Hitler, trying to crack it in the art world.

Imagine how different world history could have looked if that career path worked out for old Adolf.

Fellow GOT star, Aiden Gillen (AKA Littlefinger) also makes an appearance in this series as Dr Leary, who can be seen in the trailer hanging out with Cary Grant and taking LSD.


You’ve also got Ron Weasley (AKA Rupert Grint) on there as Hitler’s right-hand art friend, Joseph Fiennes jumping in as Michael Jackson and Eddie Marsan as Bob Dylan.

Looks mad. Can’t wait to see this.