The new Baywatch trailer is so ridiculously bad it's good

movie trailer 10/01/2017
Pamela Anderson's 90's cult classic is getting a reboot this year and looks action-packed with an extra side of cheese. 

"Our team is the elite of the elite."

And that the cast is. 

Kelly Rohrbach gives us all a funny tingle in our pants, as the mandatory Baywatch blonde babe, in a red one-piece, running slo-mo down the beach.

Sexy lady, Priyanka Chopra, looks to be nailing the delicious, villainous, vixen role.

Zac Efron has gone from dream-boat, Hollywood hunk... to a freaky hunk of plastic. Seriously what's happening with his face? He looks like he went to a surgeon and asked them to turn him into an old, greasy Action Man

Then Dwayne Johnson calls Efron a pussy while we all let out an internal cheer.

Plus we're promised heaps of drugs, murder and hot lifeguards, rescuing drowning people and somehow making it look like soft-core porn. 


If that sounds like your cuppa tea, you can look forward to all of that and more this May.