Family Guy rips into DJ culture in a savagely accurate way


Family Guy has always enjoyed taking the piss out of... well, everything.

Usually, Seth MacFarlane is pretty on point when it comes to cultural stereotypes - and his take on the DJ world is no exception. 

In the most recent episode of Family Guy, "Peter's Def Jam"; Peter Griffin, Quagmire, Cleveland and Joe try to make a podcast and fail.

However, the obscure noises they accidentally produce by mixing two songs together with sound bites of Peter's wife Lois giving birth, gets people dancing and captures the attention of a local club promoter who hires Griffin on the spot. 

"How can I be a DJ?" Griffin asks. "I'm just a guy with a laptop and an inflated self-image."


Next thing you know it's DJ Peter and company in the house, or rather the Rhode Rave. 

Peter presses a button or two. Drops a pill. Drops a beat. Drops some obscure samples. "Shut up Meg."

Then the club promoter takes Peter aside for a one-liner that pretty much sums up the dark side of electronic music industry. 

Promoter: "You've been playing the exact same song for 14 hours. That means you're great! I was right about you guys."

Peter: "Weird how you managed to turn that into a compliment about yourself."

Promoter: "I'm on cocaine."

The promoter then plants a front-man-syndrome seed in Peter's brain and convinces Peter to headline the Electric Clam Festival without his friends. 

The rest of the episode unfolds into absurd hilarity as Peter turns his back on his friends and gets thrust into a dark DJ world, while his friends and family struggle to cope with Peter's newfound fame. 

Hilarious. Savage. Awkwardly accurate.

Top notch job Seth MacFarlane.