George listeners tell us their most shameful (or celebrated?) drunk purchases


Ever woke up from a hard night on the rinse, to an empty bank account, a gurgly feeling in your tummy that feels awfully similar to REGRET and a $300 block of average cheese on its way to your house... yes!? 

Well, it's okay.

Turns out drunk shopping gets the best of a lot of people. 

After Clint's friend drunk-bought a giant Jenga set over the weekend, the Breakfast crew put out a call to George listeners, asking them to share their most shameful and/or celebrated drunk purchases.

The George phones went off the hook. And yes one listener really did spend $300 on a block of cheese. Listen above to hear how it all went down. 

And if you're looking for a little drunk-shopping inspiration check out DrunkMall.  

Yes, now you can sit down, drink a bottle of wine and all from one convenient website, you can buy yourself a chicken ramen phone case, a 'Cash Me Ousside' printed jumper and a full body pillow to cuddle away the feeling of emptiness that your wild, impulsive, drunk shopping didn't manage to relieve.