PornHub launches a sex education centre


Many of us started our sex education in huddled groups at the back of the field, scoping out pages ripped from an older brothers crusted magazine.

The first real information would come later, as your parents would sit you down for an awkward chat about how to treat girls right, or how to not get knocked up at the blue light disco.

That’s all changed in this day and age as children are given smartphones with the ability to search out any strange word they have heard, with accompanying pictures and videos.

So what to do in an age where kids are learning about sex from raunchy videos that certainly don’t display the level of emotion and depth needed to understand sex properly? Well, Pornhub claim they have the answer.

They are launching a “Sexual Wellness Centre” which they claim is an “online resource aiming to provide advice regarding sexuality and wellbeing”.

The site will be directed by Dr. Laurie Betito who is a sexual psychologist who aims to “Provide a source for healthy sexual education and dialogue”

It seems a responsible step for one of the largest providers of pornography to provide a service to introduce people to sexually healthy ideas. Although they are arguably providing the exact opposite through the rest of their content, to probably the same group of people.

If they are truly dedicated to providing an educational service for people then it’s a great initiative, but it could also be a great way to get young naive viewers into their site early.