Retail workers share their horror work stories


Off the back of the ‘“buckets of semen” in a mens store’s changing room’ story that's gripped the nation this week, bad retail experiences have been flying out of the woodwork.

The “buckets of semen” story-teller, Julian Rivers-Smith, originally claimed it was “probably” the worst retail experience of his life.

However, the man is a renowned troller, and has since admitted to embellishing the story…

We’ve all been left questioning just how much truth is in River-Smith’s yarn that was blown widely out of proportion thanks to our reputable news providers. 

So, if the “buckets of cum” story isn’t true, Clint and Pax wanted to know what exactly IS the worst retail story of all time.

Over to you George FM listeners… and damn, have you retail soldiers seen some things.

You gave us snotty curtains, used sex toys, pooed in socks, and a whole lot more jizz than we expected… listen above.