Sex injuries are on the rise


The Fifty Shades franchise may be responsible for people breaking free of vanilla-flavoured sexy times…. and winding up in the emergency department.

Reports have emerged claiming sex injuries are on the rise since the release of the kinky sex and bad dialogue phenomenon that is Fifty Shades Darker.

After the last movie came out, Durex saw a 60 per cent rise in vib- rator sales.

And American A&E departments reported an 83 per cent rise in sex toy injuries.

Is Fifty Shades shaming you into having wild kinky sex?

Upon hearing this news, the Breakfast team put out a call to hear your worst sex injury stories.

There’s nothing (well, not much) to be ashamed about. It happens to the best of us. Clint broke his banjo… Pax has been knocked out cold while going down town on the wifey.  

And you guys… Damn, do you have some stories.