There’s a company that’ll press your ashes into a vinyl record


Death is almost always a little unsettling.

How is it going to happen? What happens after I die? Will anybody care? Am I going to decompose or be burnt after I pass?

All these big, scary questions.

So, if you’ve gotta go, getting your remains pressed into a record seems like a pretty sweet deal to us.

U.K. –based Andvinyly is offering this exact deal, so you can “live beyond the groove.”

You literally exist in music after you pass and you're friends and loved ones can play you whenever they like.

The website provides some inspiration as to what you could do with your own personal ashes-vinyl; make your own personal soundtrack of your most beloved tunes in life, record a personal message, or keep it minimal and just let your friends and family hear you through your personal pops and crackles.

The basic package comes with 30 discs, each with 24 minutes of audio and goes for a fee of around 3,000 pounds ($5,178 NZD)

Watch the documentary above to find out more about the process.

Would you get your ashes pressed into a record? And if you did, what music would you choose?