WATCH: Pax gets 'punished' for dropping an F bomb on air

video 08/02/2017

Yesterday Pax pulled a classic radio rookie move and dropped an F bomb on air.

Here at George we take breaches of broadcasting standards very seriously, so we thought we'd better teach Pax a lesson and make sure it never happens again.


A minute long nipple clamping with the Fetish Fantasy Series Nipple Clamps. 

Haylee recommended Pax think about his wife and imagine the whole experience as a cheeky "nipple cripple" from the wifey.

This caused widespread debate in the office over whether the action of twisting someone's nipple is a "cripple" or a "gripple," but more on that later.  

Clint dished out the pain. And loved it. Sadistic shit. 

And Pax managed to soldier through a full sixty seconds of nipple clamping without letting one F bomb out.  

Aaaah, lesson learned Pax and job well done team, if we do say so ourselves.