George DJs rip into shitty trap music with parody song

funny shit 23/03/2017

The Breakfast Klub boys are back at it, with their new parody tune, a remix of Kodak Black's 'Tunnel Vision', which they've released under their joke alias, METS (Mt. Eden Trap Scene). 

'Tunnel Vision' includes a quality throwback sample of Mattafix's 'Big City Life', plenty of go-to trap noises i.e. gun shots and the word "skurrrrrt".

METS' remix includes eloquent lyrics such as: "Big city life, fucked your bitch twice (that's more than once.)" and "Vape up on the beat, vape up on the street (it's healthier)."

The music video depicts Wayde Unlucky and Cases hanging out on top of Mt. Eden, wearing strange, miscellaneous items to look extra fashun: i.e. snow goggles and a banana suit, while looking real cool, by pulling obscure gestures and poses...

Extra avant-garde points for the camera guy's weird zooms and angles.  

So, essentially, the video sums up every trap song ever. All their missing is a half naked woman humping a Lamborghini in the background (budget cuts). 

Josh Troskie, otherwise known as Wayde Unlucky, explains: "I think it's more of a piss take of all the real simple trap music that's out there right now, making dumb people really famous, for no reason."

"Designer, Future, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty, Migos."

"'Bad & Boujee' is probably one of the worst songs or displays of talent I've ever seen, but God damn, it's an absolute tune and I know all the words."

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