GOT just released a trailer and holy shit we're excited

Game of Thrones 31/03/2017

Game of Thrones just released a new trailer titled "The Long Walk." It focuses on the three prominent characters, Cersei Lannister, Daenerys Targayren and Jon Snow preparing for their impending battle for the Iron Throne.

After six massive seasons of build up, Daenerys is finally going to hit Westeros. Will she and Jon Snow turn into a power couple, take the Iron Throne and make some more GOT incest babies? Or will they fight seperately?

The actor who plays Jamie Lannister revealed that Cersei's got a new suitor in the upcoming season... How's she gonna spin this?

The trailer finishes with a glimpse of the Night King, a threat against all of them... willl they all unite? Will they all die?


16th of July can't come soon enough.