Paces trips dicks in the new 'Savage' music video

music video 02/03/2017

On his latest music video for hit single Savage ft. NYNE, Paces has teamed up with Australian video artist and audio-visual DJ, Ego. 

You might recognise Ego’s video style from Sachi’s break out single No More.

Ego approached Paces with the above video's concept, and Paces was stoked cause it included his baby, Chilli.

"Chilli and I have been looking for a project to work on together for a few years now, so we were super stoked when Ego came to us with this concept for a film clip. I was a bit concerned that Chilli would be a diva to work with but she was actually so well behaved and such a legend. She really seemed to love being in front of the camera, but I think her favourite part was the fact that I walked her home along the beach so we could dig holes and chase sticks into the water."

Also, as you can see for yourself, the finished video is fucking awesome. 

Listen out for the premiere of  Shock One's remix of 'Savage' on George Drive today. 

To put it in Dan Aux's words: "It's huuuuge. It's massive. It's a ripper of a tuuune."