Pax gets OWNED by AB's captain Kieran Read

Vids 02/03/2017

Pax claimed: "Being good at rugby is easy" and "I could become an All Black within 12 months." 

Clint and Kara were first of all, concerned about Pax's health. Not just because of his delusions. They also thought it was important to show Pax just how poorly he's been treating his body with all them Big Macs... 

So, they organised to get a couple specialists from Vision Personal Training into the George studios. 

Then Clint arranged for Pax to see just how easy being a rugby player is.

It just so happened that yesterday, Kieran Read and a bunch of other high level rugby players were completing a military obstacle course to celebrate the release of the Super Rugby Lions jerseys.

Good Kiwi blokes that they are, they didn't mind a couple keen outsiders joining them.  
Kara agreed to complete the obstacle course with Pax. We'd say she did it for "moral support" but let's be honest... she just wanted to laugh at the guy.