That time we made Peking Duk hallucinate on hot sauce

video 05/07/2017

With Peking Duk headlining Deep, Hard 'N' Funky this Saturday, we thought we'd go on a trip down memory lane, to the last time Adam and Reuben visited the George offices, late last year...

Back to that the time we fed Peking Duk sauce so hot, they started hallucinating. 


I feel like I'm on the verge of like proper hallucinating. I'm about to fucking trip balls. It's like half an hour into having a shit load of mushrooms.


That was just like liquid LSD mixed with satan blood.

The boys are always up for a mad sweaty time. Whether they're cutting shapes in the DJ booth or chowing down on nine ridiculously hot wings with Benny Boy.

And this Saturday, July 8th, Peking Duk will be tearing the roof off Deep, Hard 'N' Funky alongside Kayzo, Ryan Riback, Bleep Bloop, Sippy, Ian Munro, Chores, Dan Aux, Tim Phin, Jay Bulletproof, Ryan Enzed, Ultan Burke, Terace, Beat Mafia, Erika Amore, Bavhu. 

The gig is almost sold out, so if you haven't got your tickets  yet, avoid a severe case of FOMO this Saturday and scoop up your tickets here.