Holy shit, the first Game of Thrones S7 trailer is here

Few TV shows inspire the intense fandom Game of Thrones does, illustrated most recently by hundreds of thousands of viewers watching a livestream of ice melting.

The HBO fantasy series revealed the date it'll return on Friday morning by wearing down a huge block of ice with dragon-like flames.

Technical issues with the livestream made the delay even more excruciating for fans, but finally it was revealed as July 16.

The season seven premiere date - which will be July 17 in New Zealand - is later than all previous seasons of the show, causing more anguish for some fans.

"I watched ice melt for an hour for this, now I gotta wait until July for it to start," said one Facebook commenter, together with crying emoji."

Following the premiere date reveal, a brief teaser trailer was shown with graphics representing the Westeros house sigils as quotes from various characters played.

It's promising something epic for when winter is coming - which, as it turns out, will be in the dead of winter for Kiwis.