We catch the man who rafted the dam

funny shit 13/03/2017

A video of a man abseiling down a wall and jumping into surging flood water on top a rubber tube, in West Auckland, went absolutely viral yesterday.

The man can be seen climbing from the safety barrier at the Lower Nihotupu Dam all the way down to the water's edge - a traverse of what appears to be about 15 to 20 metres.

 A lot of the comments on the FB video expressed concern for the lad's safety.

So, we put out the call to make sure the man who rafted the dam was still alive and well.

Max Dixon, the legend himself, gave us a call:

KARA: "Whyyyy did you do it?" 

MAX: "Oh, it was like... it was algood aye. Bit of an adrenaline rush." 

CLINT: "Did you check and see where it ended up? Do you have any rafting experience? Did you take any safety precautions?"

MAX: "Oh, I had a helmet and a life jacket."

"It was mean aye."

CLINT: "Do you know that there's a witch hunt on for you at the moment? The Herald are trying to track you down, and they'll put you on the front page of the paper tomorrow." 

MAX: "Actually?"

CLINT: "Yeah, actually."

MAX: "Naaah. I don't even have Facebook." 

CLINT: "You don't have Facebook? You're on Facebook. You are the biggest video on Facebook today." 

Champion. Only in New Zealand.