Dillon Francis agreed to just one Coachella interview...

Coachella 18/04/2017

Haylee's getting turnt at Coachella and managed to score an interview with Dillon Francis before his set.

Not just any interview either. THE ONLY INTERVIEW DILLON FRANCIS AGREED TO AT COACHELLA. Because he loves George FM. Yes, that's a quote.

"George FM... they got everything I've ever wanted in my entire life." 

Reminiscing on the last time he came and visited us, when we got him sheep, alpacas, baby pigs, donuts, an actor from his favourite film, pool inflatables and more. 

"That was the coolest thing I've ever experienced in my life."

You're welcome Dillon Francis. We love you. 

Above, Haylee gets vun deeper with Dillon about white girls flipping their shit over him, bloody bangers, putting bloody pingers in your butt, DJing with your pants down, getting approval from his Mom about his tunes, mandals (sandals for the manly man at Coachella) and a shit load more about his music, social media and outlook.

Check it. 

Also if you're confused about the Gucci slipper compliment Haylee threw at Dil Dog, here's some context: